Integrity Property Management

Property Investor Resouces

We offer everything to our investors from start to finish. We will look at potential purchases, provide income feedback, and assist with property purchases. We also offer the ability to fully remodel your investment. Our technology and resources have helped us ensure our top quality of service. We will help manage and maintain your property to maximize value.

Understand The Market

We continuously look at the rental market to make sure we are competitive with rents. While also striving to get you the most rent for your investment.

Build People's Dreams

If you are a first-time investor, we are able to help you build your investment portfolio. Occasionally, we also facilitate the purchase of properties from owners. With an in-house real estate agent and a network of other professionals, we can help with the acquisition of investment properties.

Work Hard To Succeed

As investment owners with rental properties, we understand the importance of being on top of things. We do our very best to simplify the investment process.

Know The Industry

Years Of Experience In
Upstate, S.C. Real Estate

Carithers Real Estate has been active in real estate and property management for more than 50 years. In 2017, the team launched Integrity Property Management to focus on offering the highest quality property management services in the Upstate. We know the industry and our local market, and we can give you a competitive advantage. Call now to see how we can help. 

Day To Day Management
Your time is more valuable than money, let our team take the hassles of being a landlord off your shoulders.
Updating And Renovations
We have the ability to help fully renovate your property to maximize the full potential of your rentals.
No Hidden Fees
All of our fees are itemized in the property management agreement, so you won't have to worry about surprise charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions

We proactively advertise all of our available properties on our website and on industry leading real estate platforms. We also utilize on-site signage to help maximize exposure of your property to a broad base of prospective tenants. 

This depends mostly on the price, the quality and condition of the property, and of course, the time of year and current market conditions. As your property management partner, we will apply our experience and market knowledge to help you set the best price for your property. We also provide a checklist for owners that we handle to prepare your property for rent. Doing a proper make-ready will ensure that it’s available to show, priced right and that it rents quickly.
The most important thing we can do before signing a management agreement is to ensure that our investors know what to expect and when to expect it. Typically, no news is good news. You’re paying us to deal with the headaches, non-emergency emergencies, late-night calls, complaints, and minutia, so sit back and enjoy time with your family or friends. Our focus is on keeping your property leased and profitable and keeping you happy!

On a monthly basis, you will receive an electronic payment notification letting you know that your funds are ready. You may either print yourself a check or deposit the funds directly into your bank account. This method of payment eliminates the need for anyone other than you, having access to your banking information. 

This is handled on a case-by-case basis depending on the severity of the repairs. We have contractors who handle small and large jobs. We will communicate with you as outlined in the property management agreement so that you can stay informed based on your personal preference. 

We can handle the updating of your home. With a list of vendors we frequently use, our price is better than most. We can handle the entire scope of the project and you don’t have to be bothered. We are happy to provide estimates for your approval before any work begins on your property. 

We effectively manage your rental property through analyses of rental rates and trends. Property advertising, marketing, applicant screening, and selection. We handle the lease execution, coordination of maintenance, and repairs. Management of move-ins, move-outs, rent collection, financial management, and bookkeeping. All charges pertaining to the property, tenant management and lease enforcement, lease renewals, and much more.

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