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Maximize the returns from your investment property with help from Integrity Property Management. We connect owners and tenants, care for your property, and guide your real estate investing. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more.

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Why Integrity is the Best Choice

Transparency and Communication:
Why and how: We prioritize clear communication through regular updates and online portals, building trust with property owners and tenants.
Technology Integration:
Why and how: We enhance efficiency with advanced property management software, and mobile apps, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.
Proactive Property Maintenance:
Why and how: Our proactive maintenance approach, including scheduled inspections and quick responses, prevents costly repairs and boosts property value.
Personalized Service:
Why and how: Recognizing each property's uniqueness, we provide personalized service with dedicated managers, comprehensive assessments, and customized plans.
Tenant Satisfaction and Retention:
Why and how: Satisfied tenants reduce turnover costs. We achieve this through quick responses, proactive issue resolution, and retention programs, fostering a positive living experience.
Cost-Efficiency and Value for Money:
Why and how: We maximize returns for property owners through cost-effective solutions, optimized marketing, and transparent fee structures aligned with demonstrated value.

Integrity Property Management

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Find a place to live or do business with help from Integrity Property Management. We’ll walk with you through the whole process. View available properties, or contact us with your specific needs.

Tenant Portal

Our tenant portal provides an organized place to pay your rent, view your agreement, request maintenance, or communicate with Integrity Property Management.

Trusted Real Estate Partners

Integrity Property Management partners with Carithers Real Estate when buying and selling property. For more than 50 years, Carithers Real Estate has been helping people all across the Upstate achieve their commercial and residential goals. To learn more, contact Michael Carithers at 864-376-1554.

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